Sourcing For Overseas Partners Via a Business Directory

A business directory listing is important to any business. After all, this is practically where possible clients and customers would be able to find them. As such, the Professional Development has become one of the utmost considerations of business companies.

All businesses are listed under the appropriate category and are compiled together as a listing in a website or in print. This is basically what a business directory is, a listing of information on business categories and businesses. Generally the classification of business directories is according to the nature or activity of the businesses. However, there are some business directories which are categorized according to location, size, or activity. Such websites can either be compiled manually or automatically. Online sites are compiled automatically through online search software.

Basically business directories serve as the link between the various businesses and the customers. For instance, in Japan, there are many types of business related directories. Each of these sites vary in the content and information contained. Moreover, the details provided for in the directory also vary. Some details include the business name, address, location, type of service, and contact numbers. However, there are some websites that only include the business name, address, and contact numbers. Contrastingly, there are those which provide all the important details plus users review and feedback.

The business directories used in Japan are most commonly known as Yellow Pages. This is practically where you would be able to find all the listings of important businesses in Japan. Furthermore, the yellow pages is the only English version business listing in Japan; thus tourists and foreigners can use such websites when locating specific businesses in Japan.

Japan’s Yellow Pages is arranged alphabetically such that locating businesses is easier and more convenient. The top categories in the Yellow Pages include export-import businesses, apartments, and materials handling equipment, used motorcycle exporters, and used tire exporters among others. One feature of this business directory is the Google map which allows the user to have a virtual idea of the location of the business. This is probably one of the reasons why this business directory is popular in Japan.

On the other hand, there are also a lot of other directories in Japan. Some of these directories do not list the categories but allow the user to directly search for the business or service that he is trying to seek.
Moreover, these online search sites even allow the user to establish the user’s role in the search like seller or buyer. This feature is helpful for the user because his search range is already specified according to his needs.